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Homeopathy is a gentle and natural pharmaceutical system that utilizes micro-doses of substances from plants, minerals and the animal kingdom to arouse the body's innate healing response. It is a form of medicine which is inexpensive, safe and can be taken in conjunction with medical drugs, herbs, and vitamin and mineral supplementation. The homeopathic approach requires detailed assessment of symptoms so that specific combinations or single remedies may be used to treat the mind and body.

There are hundreds of remedies to choose from in many levels of dilution and potency prepared and sold in the form of lactose powders, pellets, balms, gels and liquids.

Homeopathic Medicine Formulation Fee (per bottle): $6.00 Cdn. + taxes

Homeopathic, Herbal, Nutritional and Healthy Lifestyle Consultation (1-4 hrs.): $70.80 Cdn./hr. + taxes

Homeopathic Assessment includes:

  • Case taking

The homeopathic assessment should take approximately one hour. A homeopathic consultation may take approximately 30 minutes. In this consultation, homeopathic medicine is recommended. THE MEDI SPA ON BALMORAL has a very large pharmacy of homeopathic remedies available for sale. If a remedy is not available, it can be quickly ordered and received in a couple of days.

Case taking of chronic or acute illness, or for prevention of disease requires the collection of information about past and present health history, both mental, emotional and physical, the environment in which you live, work and play, external contributing conditions (weather, climate, altitude, etc), family dynamics, and issues in life. It is important to prepare the practitioner by thinking of and expressing yourself about circumstances that may have contributed to the onset of symptoms, if applicable, where in your body you experience symptoms, and also noting what makes it worse or better. It is useful to know about your biological family health history, the types of treatments or medications you have had in the past and are taking presently. Questions about bodily functions, desires, cravings, fears, sleep pattern, habits, weight, and exercise are important.

Follow-up appointments, both the time and frequency, will vary depending on the condition and time passed between appointments for health care and skin rejuvenation. It is important to follow up, to ensure best results.

Homeopathic Assessment (1 hr.): $70.80 Cdn. + taxes



Naturopathy or Natural Health Care is a health system that embraces a multitude of healing approaches, all of them based on the body’s intrinsic healing powers.  This system appeals to those who would like an alternative to prescription drugs and orthodox treatment, and to those interested in preventive health care.  The practice of natural health care encourages patients to participate actively in maintaining their health.  With dedication, this can be achieved through health conscious lifestyle and diet, as well as through use of natural remedies and physical care.

It is important to note that review and examination of health by a Homeopath or Natural Health Practitioner should not replace, but complement, examination and diagnosis offered by a Medical Practitioner.

Full Natural Health Assessment includes:

  • Case taking;
  • Traditional Chinese Medical assessment;
  • Iridology;
  • Hair analysis;
  • General urine and saliva testing; and, if necessary,
  • A limited consultation if necessary.

A full natural health consultation is booked later, after receipt of the results of tests. All consultations are booked on a first come first serve basis. A full natural health assessment usually takes 2 to 2½ hours and will provide the best information for determining a health regimen to be prescribed in consultation.

Full Natural Health Assessment (2-2 ½ hrs.): $250.00 Cdn. + taxes

Full Natural Health Consultation normally includes:

  • Advice in nutrition;
  • Herbalism;
  • Homeopathy; and,
  • Life style changes.

Depending on the severity of illness, number of concerns, and the amount of advice, this appointment may take approximately two hours. A typed report, outlining recommendations, time line for care and daily protocol, will be provided, as well as copies of test reports if requested. Note that there is an additional fee for a type report of the Iridology findings if requested. Herbs can be purchased at most health food stores or pharmacies who cater to natural health interests or purchased on line from reputable web sites.

Alternative Health Cooking Lessons |Hair Testing | Healthy Foot Care | Iridology
Lymphatic Drainage | Nutritional Counselling | Oxygenation | Phytotherapy
Reflexology | Saliva Hormone Testing | Shiatsu/Acupressure | Swedish Massage
Traditional Chinese Medical Assessment | Tuina | Urinary Thyroid Testing
Urine/Saliva Chemistry Testing


Gift Certificates available
for any single or combination of services.
Gift Certificates are transferable but not refundable.

Pre-paid Packages for Shiatsu, Massage or Reflexology are available.
Buy 10 one-hour sessions, and get the 11th free!

Alternative Health Cooking Lessons: So you've received a diet from your Naturopath or Nutritionist or not. And you don't know how to cook well, or need advice? Are you bored and need inspiration? Or are you out of time and need something nutritious to eat but fast? Got a weight problem, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant, lactating, acne,or think you can't eat gluten? Or are you on a tight budget? The MEDI SPA ON BALMORAL can organize group culinary lessons by Chef Maria De Guzman that provide holistic menu choices to address specific health topics, nutritious food choices, and preparation that tastes delicious!. Have fun, learn, and benefit your health.  Two hour classes on Mondays from 1- 3 pm will start in October 2013. Class #1 will be Cooking for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. Class #2 will be Cooking for Diabetes and Glucose Balance.

Alternative Health Cooking Lessons (2 hrs.): $75.00 Cdn./hr. + taxes

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Hair Testing is an accurate, painless and non-invasive way of learning about the body's elemental levels. Forty-five nutritional and toxic elements are tested by a Canadian medical laboratory. Hair is never pulled, but cut to the quick at the back of the head, then weighed and packaged. Turn around time is approximately 15 days. In consultation, a copy of the lab analysis report is provided and interpreted with a typed consultative report outlining recommendations which may be nutritional, homeopathic or herbal in nature.

Hair Testing of Toxic and Nutritional Elements (15 min.): $95.00 Cdn. + taxes

Hair Testing Follow-Up Interpretation (1 hr.): $70.80 Cdn. + taxes

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Healthy Foot Care: Enjoy being pampered with our basic foot health assessment, which includes an herbal foot soak, an Epsom salt and oil foot and lower-leg scrub, nail cleaning and cutting, skin care, moisturization, massage, stretching and a paraffin wax dip. Feel like you are walking on a cloud!

Healthy Foot Care (no polish, 1 ½-2 hrs.): $100.00 Cdn./hr. + taxes

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Iridology uses the magnification of the eye, examining the iris, pupil and sclera to show deficiencies and disorders of the whole body and mind. This is a useful assessment tool for patients who wish to avoid x-rays or invasive treatment.

Iridology and TCM Assessment (45 min.-1 hr.): $70.80 Cdn./hr. + taxes

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Lymphatic Drainage occurs with elevation of an affected body part and gentle massage movements applied to the lymph nodes and lymphatic network. This is useful in the treatment of swelling, poor circulation and weak immunity.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (30 min.-2 hrs.): $70.80 Cdn./hr. + taxes

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Nutritional Counselling: Good nutrition is essential for normal organ function and development, growth, reproduction and maintenance, for optimal working efficiency, for resistance to infection and disease, and for the ability to recover from stress, injury or surgery. Dietary strategies offer convenience, choice and control with emphasis on good hygiene, safety and food quality.

Nutritional and Healthy Lifestyle Consultation (1-4 hrs.): $70.80 Cdn./hr. + taxes

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MBE Oxygen Infusion with Serums for Health and Æsthetics Intense Tissue Rejuvenation:
Face or Specific Body Part (1 ½-2 hrs.): $150.00 Cdn. + taxes
Body (2 hrs.): $300.00 Cdn. + taxes

MBE Oxygen Infusion with Serums, Micro-Current Technology with Full Facial
(2-2 ½ hrs.): $200.00 Cdn. + taxes

MBE Vacuum Massage for Firming/Cellulite (Not suitable for fragile skin):
Face (30 min.-1 hr.): $100.00 Cdn. + taxes
Body (1 ½-2 hrs.): $200.00 Cdn. + taxes

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Phytotherapy: Herbs are food and medicine. Nourishing, tonic and cleansing herbs are considered singly or in combination to treat many conditions. Herbs work slowly but effectively and can be used in a variety of forms, both internally and externally. A choice of 70 essential oils, derived from plants, are available for use in massage therapy.

Herbal Consultation (1-4 hrs.): $70.80 Cdn./hr. + taxes

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Reflexology is an ancient compression technique applied to the hands and feet to promote the body's own natural healing potential. Reflexology is not massage, though massage is a component of the treatment. Through the use of the practitioner's hands, pressure is applied to energetic reflex points on the skin which correspond to organs, glands and body parts. This form of treatment can improve circulation, elimination, relieve tension, diminish pain and normalize bodily function.

Reflexology to the Feet (1 hr.): $70.80 Cdn. + taxes

Deluxe Reflexology to the Feet (1 ½ hr.): $100.80 Cdn. + taxes
(includes herbal foot soak and paraffin wax dip)

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Saliva Hormone Testing is a very accurate way to determine hormonal imbalance, which can cause many health conditions. Hormone test result information is useful in determining the correct consultative advice for the prevention and treatment of hormonal cancers, menstrual problems and the correction of unpleasant symptoms which can be associated with menopause and andropause. A Female Panel tests for five hormones: estrogen; progesterone; testosterone; DHEAs; and cortisol. A Male Panel tests for the same hormones, except for progesterone. After collection, which is done in the privacy of your home using a kit first thing in the morning, the turn-around for results is approximately 15 days.

Saliva Hormone Testing for the Female Panel (15 min.): $220.00 Cdn. + taxes

Saliva Hormone Testing for the Male Panel (15 min.): $188.00 Cdn. + taxes

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Shiatsu/Acupressure is a form of Asian bodywork which means finger pressure in Japanese. It is administered, either directly to the skin or through loose-fitting clothing, to the body surface via compression by the practitioner's hands, elbows, knees or feet. This form of treatment is normally done at floor level but has been adapted for the massage table. Pressure is applied to energy points and channels similar to those used in acupuncture. "Shiatsu promotes vitality, relieves fatigue and treats illness by activating innate self-healing powers." (Ministry of Japan)

Shiatsu/Acupressure (1-1 ½ hr.): $70.80 Cdn./hr. + taxes

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Swedish Massage is a "touch therapy of kindness" and can be deep or light depending on the patients request and health condition, and level of pain tolerance. A professional system of care which promotes relaxation, reduction of pain and improvement to range of motion, circulation, immunity and more.

Swedish Massage (30 min.-2 hrs.): $70.80 Cdn./hr. + taxes

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Traditional Chinese Medical Assessment: A very old but useful method of assessment which requires attentiveness and contemplation on the part of the practitioner. The tongue, face, nails and pulses are usually evaluated. Strength and pitch of voice, odour, breath, movement, gait, posture, the size and shape of the body, the temperature, colour, texture and moistness of the skin, as well as the personality, attitude and emotional state of the patient are reviewed carefully.

Traditional Chinese Medical Assessment (45 min.-1 hr.): included with all Naturopathic Assessments.

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Tuina means push and grasp in Chinese and is a form of Asian massage. It is a synthesis of several Eastern and Western practices, including Japanese Shiatsu, Swedish massage, Mongolian Reiki and Reflexology. Unlike Swedish massage, manipulation to soft tissue is aggressive, percussive, with many frictional movements and is applied to the body without creams or oils.

Tuina Asian Massage (30 min.-2 hrs.): $70.80 Cdn./hr. + taxes

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Urinary Thyroid Testing: Hormones produced by the thyroid gland are involved in regulating heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and weight. Thyroid hormones can also increase energy, help food move through the gastrointestinal tract and increase perspiration. Given their broad effects, deficiencies of thyroid hormone can result in, or contribute to, a number of health conditions including: depression, fatigue, changes in weight, muscle cramps, arthritis, etc.   TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is a hormone secreted in the brain to control thyroid function. A blood test for TSH is still considered the ‘gold standard’ test for diagnosing  thyroid disease. However, many women and men have normal serum TSH levels despite having classic symptoms of low thyroid function (hypothyroidism). The Urinary Thyroid Assessment offers an alternate means of measuring thyroid function when the patient is symptomatic but conventional serum tests are normal.  Thyroid hormones regulate protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism, and affect how human cells use energy. The active thyroid hormones in tissue  are T3 and T4.  Triiodothyronine (T3): T3 is the form of thyroid hormone that is active in the body. T3 is produced in the thyroid gland and is also made from T4. Low levels of T3 in a 24-hour urine sample correlate strongly with symptoms of low thyroid function.  Thyroxine (T4):  T4 is released by the thyroid gland and is converted into T3 by the liver, kidney and other target tissues.  Selenium:  Selenium is required for the conversion of T4 into T3. Low levels of selenium are also associated with low thyroid symptoms.

If heavy metal toxicity or high levels of cortisol are present, TSH levels in serum may be normal, even if thyroid function is poor.  Patients who are taking thyroid hormones (e.g. Synthroid™ or Eltroxin™) may experience low thyroid symptoms even though serum TSH is normal. This is because the serum TSH frequently fails to reflect how well supplemented thyroid hormone is being delivered to tissue.

Urinary Thyroid Testing: $250.00 Cdn./hr. + taxes

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Urine/Saliva Chemistry Testing: Urine provides a unique source of information about the body, as many biochemical processes produce residues that are excreted in the urine. Analysis of the excreted substances provides an excellent way to monitor the body's metabolic health. Tests perform assistance in monitoring adrenal function, zinc, calcium, vitamin C levels, glucose, digestive function and bowel toxicity and more. Saliva is used for digestive enzyme production level and Candida testing. An iodine skin patch test and the testing of temperature are used for testing the thyroid.

Urine/Saliva Chemistry Testing (10 min.): $50.00 Cdn. + taxes


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