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Medical Articles on the Benefits of Oxygenation
Connective Massaging
Connective Tissue Massage
Oxygen Infusion and Acne
Oxygen Infusion and Carboxitherapy
Oxygen Infusion and Homeosiniatry
Oxygen Infusion and Psoriasis
Oxygen Infusion and Vascular Lesions
Patello-femoral Chondropathy (PDF file)

Medical Photos on the Benefits of Oxygenation
Before and After photos
(warning: graphic in nature, NSFW)

Oxygen is the Elixir of Long
Life! Needle-less Mesotherapy for Skin Rejuvenation is a painless oxygen infusion with pulsed vacuum massage and works in conjunction with topically applied natural plant and homeopathic medicines.

Oxygenation treats aging skin, wrinkles, age spots, rosacea, sagging skin, acne, cellulite, water retention, stretch marks, thinning hair, pain, arthritis, osteomyelitis, wounds, necrotic sores, necrotic fasciitis, gangrene, pyodermitis, skin sores, diabetic foot, and psoriasis.

The Maya Beauty Engineering Oxy Life Plus Elite Oxygen Infusion & Vacuum Massage System (pictured, left) is among the first of its kind in the Ottawa region and is a wonderful alternative to injectable and toxic therapies! The premise of Manfred von Ardenne's Oxygen Multi- step Immunostimulation Therapy is followed, to slow and reverse the signs of aging, increase energy and prevent or correct diseases associated with a lack of oxygenation.

Kate Middleton and Madonna are some of the celebrities who use these effective treatments. Don't you deserve to look and feel like royalty?

For information on length and frequency of treatments, review the Article on Connective Tissue Massage and Oxygen Infusion and Psoriasis.

Oxygen therapy evolves into being oxygen infusion which, by working together with endodermic massage, creates a unique combination of incredible results, Oxyendodermia.
Click the image above for a page with more information and a video to play.

MBE Oxygen Infusion with Serums for Health and Æsthetic Intense Tissue Rejuvenation:
Face or Specific Body Part (1 ½-2 hrs.): $150.00 Cdn. + taxes
Body (2 hrs.): $300.00 Cdn. + taxes

MBE Oxygen Infusion with Serums, Micro-Current Technology with Full Facial
(2-2 ½ hrs.): $200.00 Cdn. + taxes

MBE Vacuum Massage for Firming/Cellulite (Not suitable for fragile skin):
Face (30 min.-1 hr.): $100.00 Cdn. + taxes
Body (1 ½-2 hrs.): $200.00 Cdn. + taxes