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At the Medi Spa On Balmoral, in Ottawa, Ontario, Susan previously employed a Russian Dermatologist, an Aesthetician/Electrologist, and an associated Cordon Bleu Chef to teach health conscious cooking lessons.

She has since downsized, and now works independently. Enjoy her private and quiet two therapy room luxurious clinic, with administrative office, large homeopathic pharmacy, effective and natural skin care face and body product lines and services, private entrance and free parking.

At Fort William, Quebec, Susan provides health assessment and consultation overlooking the beautiful Ottawa River.

Susan Peacock-Hacking,
H.D., N.D. (Qc),

Homeopathic (Ontario) and Naturopathic Practitioner (Quebec)

Susan is a licensed Homeopath with the Ontario Homeopathic Association. She is also a licensed Naturopath with l'Association des Therapeutes Naturopathes du Quebec and with the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada Inc.

She believes that health care and the spa experience should be pleasant, non-intrusive, relaxing and beneficial to the body and mind.

Susan's services since 1994 are coverable by most private health insurance programs. Check your policy carefully.

Susan associates health care with exercise and sport which she highly promotes and recommends, for fun, fitness, relaxation, and stress reduction.

She was an avid competitive swimmer, competitive Alpine skier, and gymnast in her younger years. She studied ballet, Flamenco dance, belly dancing, figure skating, as well as Irish and English Country dancing; the later for a short time. She is presently a participant in Scottish Country dancing through the Ardbrae Scottish Country Dancing Club and races keel boats with her spouse with an all male team of eight, travelling to compete on the Great Lakes and the Ottawa River. As well, she assists in the co-ordination of an all female sail boat racing crew of six for competition on the Ottawa River through the Britannia Yacht Club.

As a result of her training in sport, dance, and exercise, Susan understands well the physiology of movement and can address athletes and non-athletes with their physical concerns. She has been complimented numerous times for her phenomenal massage and physical therapy techniques and style, always performed with detail and care. And in complement with heated massage and esthetics tables, she uses a cornucopia of diverse essential oils to custom treat health condition. She has wonderful music to promote relaxation, and uses heated towels, hot packs and warm oil to enhance her services.

Susan studied Natural Health Sciences and Homeopathy (associated with the British Institute of Homeopathy) with the Canadian College of Natural Healing, now called the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences in Ottawa, Canada. She studied full time from 1991-2000 and graduated with honours with a diploma as a Natural Health Counsellor (N.H.C.), a Bachelor of Natural Health Sciences, with specialty in Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, (B.N.H.Sc.), and Master of Natural Health Sciences (M.N.H.Sc.), with specialty in herbalism and advanced homeopathy. She also received certification as a Bio-Energy and Nutrition Counsellor (N.C.), Herbalist (C.H), Iridologist (C.I.), Reflexologist (C.R.), Shiatsu/ Acupressure Therapist, and as a Homeopathic Practitioner (Basic and Advanced Program) as well as completing the Homeopathic Practitioner Certification (C.H.P.)

She won a bursary and received the Dr. Bernard Jensen Award for excellence in scholastic achievement through the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences, in Ottawa in 2000. From 1994 to 2000 Susan also worked part time as an Instructor in the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences and the International Academy of Massage teaching to both Natural Health Sciences and Registered Massage Therapy students. As well, she worked with patients in the clinic, the Natural Health Centre, associated with the two schools, as a health practitioner and in laboratory health testing.

She trained with Anamol Laboratories, in Toronto, in 2001, studying diverse testing techniques for collection and analysis of urine, saliva for both general and hormone testing, and hair for nutritional and toxic element testing.

Susan studied with the Academy of Versailles, Ottawa in 2014 and certified in Professional Manicure and Professional Depilation (hair removal through waxing).

Previously in 1987, Susan trained as a Registered Fitness Appraiser with the Canadian Association of Sports Sciences, in Ottawa. She also trained as a Fitness Instructor with the YM-YWCA, in Ottawa.

Susan completed a Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball Practitioner Training Program in 2015. She has received valuable knowledge and training through this registered program with the use of exercise balls, noodles, and rollers to help patients work out myo-facial trigger points, etc and to encourage safe home use for self care.

She trained with Mr. Dmytro Dutka and Dr. Lilianna Dutka of Formula Life Inc. , in Toronto, in esthetics with use of MBE (Maya Beauty Engineering, Italy) Vacuum Massage and Oxygen Infusion, and Dr. Meso Electroporation techniques for non-puncture administration of serums for tissue rejuvenation and pain management. As well she studies techniques for injectible mesotherapy.

Susan has past clinical working experience at the Optimal Therapy Zone (now closed), associated with the Ottawa Athletic Club, and the Acadia Therapeutic Clinic, Ottawa.

Susan is currently certified in Standard First Aid and Health Care Practitioner Level CPR/AED with the St. John Ambulance, in Ottawa. In 1991 she also certified as a Standard First Aid Instructor.

She provided some First Aid instruction to Flight Attendants with Bradley Air Services/First Air who employed her from 1990-1992 as a Flight Attendant and Air Medivac Attendant out of Carp/Ottawa, Ontario and Frobisher Bay, N.W.T. (now called Iqaluit, Nunavut). She was trained in emergency first aid care for Nurse/MD health care assistive services for commercial flight and medical evacuation services by Bradley Air Services/First Air.

As an aside, Susan stayed in Frobisher Bay permanently from 1992 to early 1995 were she was employed by the Town of Frobisher Bay as the Assistant Director of the Recreation Department. Susan was trained in aquatic emergency care and swimming instruction for many years previously but received her highest level of training in Water Safety Instruction as an Instructor Trainer through the Royal Life Saving Society of Canada.
This allowed Susan the opportunity to train local people in swimming and water safety instruction as certified instructors and in life guarding as certified pool lifeguards which was new to Frobisher Bay.

Susan was later presented with a plaque on the 75th Anniversary of the Royal Life Saving Society Canada in appreciation for her advancement of Life Saving in Canada.

As a result of her experience and interest in the Inuit community she also worked with the Native community in Ottawa and was employed by the Odawa Native Friendship Centre. She was fascinated with her training and experience with native herbalism for both ceremonial and medicinal use.

Not associated with health care, Susan also studied Recreational Management and Small Business Management (received honours), at Algonquin College and Recreology (later called Leisure Studies) at Ottawa University. And lastly, she studied French at Universite de Poitiers, in Royan, France.

Susan enjoys travel, opera, and gourmet cooking.