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A Cooking Program at the Medi Spa On Balmoral

Sorry, these classes are cancelled at this time. However, if you are looking for a qualified chef, contact Maria, Maria.

Mondays at 12:50—3:00PM
Classes for 6 to 8 adults

· Cooking Lesson for Anxiety,    Stress and Depression
   Oct 7 or Nov 4

· Cooking Lesson for
   Balancing Glucose:
   Diabetes and
   Oct. 21 or Nov. 11

· Cooking Lesson for Weight    Loss
Oct 28 or Nov 18

· Cooking Lesson for Super

   Nov. 25

So you've received a diet from your Naturopath or Nutritionist, and you don't know how to
cook, or need advice? Are you bored and need inspiration? Or are you out of time and need something nutritious to eat, but fast? Got a weight problem, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant, lactating, acne, or think you can't eat gluten? Or are you on a tight budget?

The Medi Spa On Balmoral can organize group culinary lessons that encourage health conscious food choices and preparation that tastes delicious!

Have fun, learn, and benefit your health. Tell us what you'd like!

Presented by:
Chef Maria De Guzman and
Susan Peacock-Hacking, H.P., N.D. (Qc).
Proprietress of The Medi Spa On Balmoral

$75.00 plus HST per Class.
Pre-payment required by Visa, MC, Debit, Cash or Cheque to Book Your Reservation.


Article: Using Saliva to Detect Disease

Dr. Ingrid Sevels

PDF file as published in
Ontario Dentist—October 2011


Dr. Meso Electroporation Device PictureImage result for electroporation


A newer Needle-less Mesotherapy Delivery System Service

And Equipment Sales $1,499.00 plus HST

At the Medi Spa On Balmoral

Powerful, Proven Trans-Dermal Delivery System

Versatile, Yet Simple

Studies Prove Effectiveness and Safety

Novel Design: Incorporates Vials in the Hand piece

  • Infuses liquid Homeopathic Medicines, Vitamins, Skin Nutritionals, Etc.
  • Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Synthesis
  • Face and Body Firming and Lifting
  • Addresses Pigmentation
  • Delivers Botox and Filler Alternatives
  • No-Needle Lipolysis and Cellulite Treatment
  • Alopecia Treatment
  • Acne, Scar Tissue and Stretch Mark Treatment




College of Homeopaths of OntarioImage result for Regulatory Body called the College of Homeopaths of Ontario

As of April 1, 2015, Homeopathy will be regulated by the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. This is the first form of regulation for homeopathy in Canada and anywhere in the world!! Homeopaths are now one of the 20 self regulated health professions, such as Naturopaths, MDs, Nurses, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Chiropractors, etc in Ontario. With regulation, this creates a more controlled scenario for better service to the public. As well, government shows recognition of homeopathy as a viable and reliable health product and health care service offered by educated and qualified health professionals. With this it is believed that more insurance companies will expand their inclusion of homeopathic care by Homeopaths in the near future. Congratulations to all who have made this possible and for the betterment of mankind.


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