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Appointments are arranged by telephone at (613) 286-6285. Please note that requests for appointment or correspondence by e-mail will be considered and will normally be checked with a reply once a day, during office hours, between Monday to Friday, except during clinic closure such as for holidays.

If no one is available to take your call, please leave a detailed message. If you do not receive a timely reply, please call again. THE MEDI SPA ON BALMORAL will endeavour to call you back as soon as possible.

When booking an appointment for prevention or correction of health concerns, it is important to be aware of the many computations of service and time. Note the estimated time quoted beside each desired service to determine how long you may need to book your appointment.

To be prepared for an assessment, please complete a Patient Pre-assessment Report Form in detail. (Click on this title to display the form). Send it by e-mail or mail to the applicable address before your appointment date.

Note: If your completed Patient Pre-Assessment Report Form does not contain details about what you are taking for your health needs, then please come to the appointment with a printed list of all medications, herbs, homeopathics and supplements, etc that you are taking presently. A list of all of the ingredients in any complex products you are taking is required and is not the responsibility of the practitioner to find for you. Please kindly come prepared.

As well, for best testing results, be aware that the following should be considered before the appointment:

  • Do not eat or drink other than water 1 hour before health assessment.
  • Remove hair spray, gels, mousse or any hair product.
  • Hair which is being cut for hair analysis must be unbraided and presentable for hair cutting.
  • Remove nail polish from fingernails.
  • Artificial nails prevent TCM health assessment of the finger nails.
  • Remove excessive make up and lip stick.
  • Remove coloured or tinted contact lenses.

A Full Natural Health Assessment includes:

  • Case taking;
  • Traditional Chinese Medical Assessment (tongue, face, fingernails and pulses if necessary);
  • Iridology (assessment of health by looking at the features of the iris, pupil, and sclera of the eyes);
  • Hair Analysis (cut hair used to test body cellular nutritional and toxic element levels);
  • General Urine and General Saliva Testing; and, if necessary,
  • A Limited Consultation (usually reserved for acute health circumstances or to help a patient start health care while waiting for their test results).

A full consultation is booked later, as mentioned, after receipt of the results of all tests. Consultations are booked on a first come first serve basis. A full natural health assessment usually takes 2 to 2½ hours and will provide the best information for determining a health regimen to be prescribed in consultation.

A Full Natural Health Consultation normally includes:

  • Advice in nutrition/diet
  • Recommendations for nutritional supplements
  • Recommendations in herbalism
  • Recommendations in homeopathy
  • Recommendations for life style changes.

Depending on the severity of illness, the number of concerns, and the amount of advice required, this appointment may take approximately two hours. A typed report, outlining recommendations, time line and daily protocol, will be provided, as well as copies of test result reports if requested. Note that there is an additional fee for the typing up of the Iridology Report if requested. Herbs can be purchased at most health food stores or pharmacies who cater to natural health interests or purchased on line from reputable web sites.

A Homeopathic Assessment includes:

  • Case taking of the patients symptoms.

This should take approximately one hour.

Case taking of chronic or acute illness, or for prevention of disease requires the collection of information about past and present health history, both mental, emotional and physical, information about the environment in which you live, work and play, external contributing conditions (weather, climate, altitude, etc), family dynamics, and issues in life. It is important to prepare the practitioner by thinking of and expressing yourself about circumstances that may have contributed to the onset of symptoms, if applicable, where in your body you experience symptoms, and also noting what makes it worse or better. It is useful to know about your biological family health history, the types of treatments or medications you have had in the past and are taking presently. Questions about bodily functions, desires, cravings, fears, sleep pattern, habits, weight, and exercise are important.

A Homeopathic Consultation includes:

  • Recommendation of homeopathic medicine(s).
  • Life style recommendations if appropriate.
  • Nutritional recommendations if appropriate.

A Homeopathic Consultation may take approximately 30 minutes or longer depending on the nature and number of issues. In this consultation, homeopathic medicine is recommended. THE MEDI SPA ON BALMORAL has a very large pharmacy of homeopathic remedies available for sale. If a remedy requested is not available, it can be quickly ordered (AM), and received in the next working day (PM).

Follow-up Appointments:

Both the time and frequency of appointments, will vary depending on the type of condition, severity of the condition, and individual rate of recovery, age, life style, patient conscientiousness for self care and following through with utilization of the advice given. Inappropriate time lags between appointments, while the practitioner is endeavouring to help with care, may result in slower recovery of health and skin rejuvenation. It is important to follow up, to ensure best results. Patient feedback about results of treatment is important. This should be provided by appointment in the clinic, and by telephone, and through e-mail messaging, where appropriate.